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12:27am 28/11/2007
  Just a nice pic from a show that I was at recently

RIP Shooter   
12:48pm 24/06/2007
  Rod Beck was my favorite player as a kid. I totally emulated him when I used to pitch. He was the heart and soul of the '97 Giants. Everything about him was country cool. When he pitched in the minors years after he had achieved stardom, he lived in a trailer behind his stadium in Iowa and would invite fans over for beers after the game. This bums me out.


I graduate today   
02:12am 08/06/2007
  well, I went to college and I learned some big words
and I talked real loud
goddamn right I was heard
you'll remember the guy that said all those big words he must've
learned in college
06:55pm 07/05/2007
  If there's one thing I've learned in college, it is that the road from friend to enemy goes directly through the kitchen.  
Giants Sweep Dodgers!!!!   
11:54pm 26/04/2007
11:17am 08/11/2006

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11:17am 23/05/2006
  Oh yeah, and tonight is Mogwai. I've been waiting for this one for fucking years. Happy Music for Happy People indeed. Well, maybe just the people part.  
04:36pm 16/05/2006
  If living in Seattle for 3 years has taught me anything, it's that a 75 degree, no clouds day is better in Seattle than it is anywhere else in the world.  
12:56am 10/03/2006
  I suppose I complain about the Seattle weather a little too often. It's really not that bad compared to 95% of the world. It's relatively warm in the winter, and never gets too hot.

But yesterday, some of the worst weather I've experienced since I've been here caused me to end up in a room with about 100 people, including Jimmy Carter and Bill Gates ,Maybe I'll tell you the story sometime. But for now, I have work in the morning, then a final on Saturday (!) morning (!!), followed by another one on Monday, another one on Wednesday, after which I move into the apartment with Brad (and only Brad, I'm taking Colin's room, and Bobby is going to Amsterdam and can't find anyone to rent his room, so it's just me and Brad which means basically I'll be living on my own), then I fly out Thursday, get home and relax, hang out with my dad on his birthday on Friday. Theeeeeeen, I need to get time in with the Jigga Friends (whoever's home), for Ben Meyer, for Brad and Derek and Adri and Marissa and Jerome and Britt and Scotty and maybe others (that's one group). And then I am hopefully going down to Santa Cruz (if you're reading this . . . ?) in the four days before I go to Arizona and bask in my week of respite from the rain (there I go again) and from homework and social stuff and work at 8 in the morning every morning sometimes coming back and working til 8 in the evening and just relax and watch the Giants. It makes me so happy I could pop. Then back to Seattle where I take somewhat easier classes (that's kinda by default after Logic with Cass fucking Weller) and working more and saving up loads of money and figguring out if it could actually be true that, were I to go to Paris in fall and South Africa in the winter quarters next year, it would actually factually cost me less than it would to be here at the UW. Like, really? Because it looks like that's how things is and that would be so frigin awesome.
12:03am 06/03/2006
  Jon Stewart truly is the funniest man in America today. Sucks that Hollywood couldn't handle him making fun of them. When he hit the nail on the head with his Walk the Line being Ray with white people joke, no one laughed, despite the fact that it was hilariously true. They didn't dig his political humor or any of that. It's a shame. When he made fun of them for being so anti-piracy despite their overwhelming wealth, they weren't able to take it in stride. Bummer. Anyways, I don't really have any opinions regarding any of the awards, because the only movies in contention that I saw were Good Night and Good Luck (good, but not best picture worthy, although great acting and directing), and Walk the Line (Ray with white people).

In conclusion, fuck Hollywood. I'm very unimpressed that you laughed more at Meryl Streep than at someone with the balls to point out your own shortcomings.
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10:55pm 22/02/2006
09:09pm 19/02/2006
03:12pm 18/02/2006
05:02pm 17/02/2006
Song of 2005   
10:40pm 16/02/2006

It looks like this was at Slim's, but I'm not sure. It might take a while to load
02:59pm 15/02/2006
  I think my new thing will be to post a different video from youtube every day. It's maybe the best website in existance, if you figgure out how to sift through the useless stuff. But the gems abound. Like this one:

12:28am 14/02/2006
  Valentine's Day's coming? Aw crap! I forgot to get a girlfriend again  
12:17pm 09/02/2006
  Dude, Travis Morrison is playing a free show at Trabant on Friday night. That's the wierdest shit ever. His album is still maybe my least favorite album ever, but damn do I love his live shows. Especially when they're free. Especially especially when they're a five minute walk from my apartment.

Edit: D'oh
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I gotta say I'm starting to get tired of this shit   
07:27pm 01/02/2006
Today Tomorrow Fri Sat Sun
sky: showers


High: 47°
Low: 44°
sky: showers


High: 49°
Low: 41°
sky: scattered thunderstorms

PM Showers

High: 50°
Low: 45°
sky: showers


High: 46°
Low: 38°
sky: showers

Few Showers

High: 45°
Low: 35°

So I know I was asking for it by moving up here but holy shit. The weather report has looked exactly like this for the five or so weeks that I've been up here. It's way past the point of ridiculous.
06:54pm 17/01/2006

News this good out of DC is rare. The SCOTUS has been so undependable for the last 25 years, but sometimes they do something smart like this.